Migrate files I created in shared folders.

Hey guys! I hope you are well!

I have a demand that I need to resolve with Rclone.

I need to migrate data from one Drive to another.

The original Drive has 2.5Tb of storage.
When running rclone with the 'copy' command, it completed the migration and totaled 130Gb. Without any errors.

I noticed that there are many files inserted in shared folders. In other words, it is owned by the account but is not in "my drive" but in "shared with me".

How can I get Rclone to migrate all files owned by the account even if they are shared with me?

Utilizei para migrar o seguinte comando:

rclone copy -P "drive.old:" "drive.new": --log-file=drive.new-erros.csv

Have a look at this flag:

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