Microsoft OneDrive for Business problem and some thoughts

Hello guys,
is there any thing about using service OneDrive for Business?
this is what I was working on:
I make an app in, and connected it with Rclone with changing URL to authorize
from: /
to: /
it works in browser and get permission and success message in URL Give you code and state and session_state

I think it need a bit of change in Rclone to take the information from that URL.
Maybe something I did it wrong.
What is your idea or is there any trick can do to fix it.

Last time I tried Microsoft OneDrive for Business I found that it did not work the same as regular Microsoft OneDrive. I did a little research at the time and found that OneDrive for Business was actually Microsoft SharePoint on the back end. This meant that anything identifiable as a “document” that I had uploaded was slightly modified with meta data added by SharePoint. Usually it was a “property” of a Microsoft Office document or an image file (pretty much any common file that had modifiable property fields in it). I’m not certain this still happens but it’s worth considering.

I don’t know what Microsoft doing with their cloud but sure it’s worse now

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

We are in the process of merging a onedrive for business change for rclone here:

I hope to get it in for 1.38. If you follow the issue We’'ll post a beta to try within the next week or two hopefully!

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Thank you very much and good luck :blush: