[Meta] Rclone Config -vv Required?

It seems that with nearly every question someone has when something isn't working, the first response is along the lines of:

Without your config and/or -vv output we have no idea what's going on

Perhaps some kind of notification or checkbox could be implemented to ask the user to do so ahead of time. I'm not familiar with this forum software, so I don't know what's possible. One thing I notice is that when posting a new topic, a blue box covers half my screen letting me know what similar posts exist.
Maybe something similar to that can be added when certain key words are in a question.

"Hello, sorry you are having a problem. Consider posting your config without passwords and a -vv output so we can see what is going on."

I think this would
A) Help people think forward a little bit, broaden their perspective, and help develop their troubleshooting skills (general population gets smarter; everyone benefits)
B) Save time for the people asking for such information (@Animosity022, @calisro, @ncw) and save time for the reader of the topic. I know it isn't much work to scroll past a post asking for that, but clutter is never better than tidiness.


I did change and add a template for 'bug' category. Do you think we should add that for other categories?

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I think it would be helpful for the questions category. I tend to see the need for those things in questions quite often. Possibly also request a password-free conf.

I updated the template for the question to use the same thing as the bug category. I basically just copied what ncw had setup for the issues on the github so hopefully it makes sense.

Appreciate the feedback.


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