Meta Database for vfs mount


I'd like to start a discussion about this post. I like the idea to store the metadata in a database

This would be a great feature for my Szenario. I use rclone mount on some servers. So each server is looking for the meta-data on the mount. In a very dynamic infrastructure, I could back up the database and restore it to the target server so that the server does not have to create a new database. Moreover, this process could be made even more efficient with a central database.

I look forward to your opinions on this.

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There is already a feature request for this item as @ncw is just lazy and hasn't done it yet :slight_smile:

You'd think with a global shutdown for a period of time, things like this would get done.

Sarcasm aside, I'll see if I dig up the github issue for you as I can't find it offhand.

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This is near the top of the to-do list. I hope to add the foundations in 1.55 to be able to serialise objects to disk.

Then I plan a mode for sync and one for the VFS cache where it uses cached metadata.