Merging & moving folders with dupes

I have 2 shared drives on google drive, I want to put all the files from one shared drive into the other, but the target directory has some of the same folders and some content that overlaps it. How would I move the files over while merging any identical name folders and not coping the same file twice?

If they are identical files, rclone copy would not copy them twice.

So for example, if I'm moving folders with the same name on google drive it will automatically combine the folders and the content, unless the content is a duplicate?

I'm just trying to understand if the folder name would prevent it from merging since it's identical name but the content inside is diffrent

Yes. In most cases (non deterministic when it doesn't) it doesn't create new folders with the same names, but if that would be the case, then you can use the function dedupe, which merges everything with the same name.

Google Drive allows for duplicated file names and directory names while most file system tools do not. If you have duplicates on a source somehow, it would create problems copying over. I'm not sure what you mean by combine as you have a source and destination. If you copy from a source, it would copy those to the destination in the same folder/file format that you have. If you re-ran the same copy, it would check if the file is the 'same' on the source and not re-copy it to the destination.

If you copy source to destination and the source folder is different, it would copy anything new to the destination. Copy only adds to the destination and doesn't remove. Sync makes the destination mirror the source so it has deletes happen to make source and destination the same.

If you can describe what you want to do and what you want to happen, we can most likely translate that to something in rclone.

That would actually help me out a lot actually.

The 'source' looks like this:

the destination looks like this:

I would hope to copy (not delete the original source content) from that multiple deep folder from source into the TV folder in destination.

You can use copy to do that and just start at The TV level on both sides as I think that is what you want to combine.

You can run with —dry-run first and make sure it is going to do what you want.

I am using AutoRclone (uses the rclone system just with automated Service Accounts), can you confirm this would be how it would look like based on that screenshots?: -s DRIVE ID -sp Media\Media\TV\TV -d DRIVE ID -dp TV -b 1 -e 600 -t

No idea what that is as I just use rclone.

If you run the command with rclone copy and use dry-run, you'll be able to see if it does what you want.

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