Mergerfs with 2 or more one drive


While this seems more like a restic question i want to know how would rclone behave with mergerfs

I was thinking of using union rclone to sync restic repository to one drive business.
While this will work well it would be hard to run prune. So again moving /keys, /snapshots, /index to the secondary one drive account could help in deleting snapshots and changing repository password.

How would rclone mount and mergerfs work together.

Has anyone tried anything like this?

MergerFS is not at all uncommon to use with rclone. many advanced users use this to create a "temp upload" folder that can batch-transfer at the end of the day. That has several potential benefits in more complex setups.

So it works well but... I am not sure what else to say here when your question is so so broad and unspecific. Whatever you can do with mergerFS it should work fine in combination with rclone. It's going to be transparent to rclone.

Rclone's own union backend can also do some of this, but it lacks the fine-control of mergerfs in deciding how to distribute writes. Union is great for unioning for reads, but currently the writes go to just one of the drives. This may see an upgrade in the near future as it has been in discussion for a while.

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