Mergerfs vs rclone union

I'm wanting to combine the content of 2 folders, one local and one being a remote mount, into a third folder.

I've seen online a lot of mergerfs usage, but I see that rclone has a union backend.

My plan is to used the combined folder so that plex/emby/jellyfin read from it. I'm just curious if there are issues with a player reading from a union vs mergerfs, if mergerfs simply works better, or if the guides simply haven't considered changing because their setup just works.

Anyone have experience with them?

this is from forum member, @Animosity022, about mergerfs, rclone and plex.

take a read and if you have furhter questions, post them and @Animosity022 should be able to answer them.

As @asdffdsa shared, I use mergerfs. I have my flow/use case documented on my github.

I use mergerfs over rclone union specifically for hard links. I use Sonarr/Radarr to hardlink instead of making a double copy of something.

This assumes Linux as well as it's not available on Windows.

You'd have no issues with either as applications can read from both.

@asdffdsa, @Animosity022 thank you!

My setup is on Linux. This is my current structure,

 tree -L 2
├── @eaDir
│   └── @tmp
├── media
│   ├── Movies
│   ├── Music
│   └── Series
├── rclone
│   ├── Movies
│   ├── Music
│   └── Series
├── #recycle
│   └── desktop.ini
└── usenet
    ├── incomplete-downloads
    ├── Movies
    ├── Music
    ├── prowlarr
    ├── Series
    └── test_download_100MB

So current directory structure is setup so that Sonarr/Radarr/Prowlarr connect to SabNZB and download on /usenet. After downloading, it's set to move things over to the correct location on /media.

/rclone is just a staged directory for now where I'm planning on mounting the rclone remote.

Plan is to use another directory, maybe /combined, where things are then merged.

The main reason for asking is to see if I could use the same tool vs having to introduce another. Rclone being a single binary is super helpful and while it is Linux, it's running on a Synology which has some things that are done a bit different (sometimes enough to make you go nuts).

Looks like I'll give the rclone union remote a try first.

Thank you both for the help!

yes, i agree, but i have a number of topics in the forum, about using rclone on a synbox.
i have have a plan to create a wiki and/or how to guide.
if you have any specific questions, let me know

With rclone union, you lose the ability to hardlink and you'll have double data for Sonarr/Radarr.

My github has my work flow documented well and why I do things the way I do.

If I have to do a union, not sure I care if it's rclone or mergerfs doing it, but I do see the point of less things as that's my overall goal in my design. Less pieces. Simple.

The more pieces/things, the percentage of breaking goes up and more to troubleshoot.

I found that mergerfs gave me the best results as hard linking was more important for me.

I use a 1TB /local SSD to stage everything and eventually upload from there and things just fly.

What I did was enabled home folders, added a ~/scripts folder, and added that to my $PATH. I then installed rclone in ~/scripts (along with other small binary/scripts).

$ cat ~/.profile
export PATH="/var/services/homes/bobster/scripts:$PATH"


Let me read through. Thank you!