Mergerfs questions / folder not being created on drive with free space

Sorry for directing a question about mergerfs here, I did google "mergerfs forums" and this forum showed up as someone else asked a mergerfs question here. Please feel free to direct me somewhere else.

FUSE library version: 2.9.7
fusermount version: 2.9.7
using FUSE kernel interface version 7.19

I have mergerfs setup as follows in /etc/fstab.                    /mnt/folder1    nfs             defaults,nouser,nofail  0       2                 /mnt/nfsshare1  nfs             defaults,nouser,nofail  0       2        /mnt/nfsshare2  nfs             defaults,nouser,nofail  0       2                 /mnt/nfsshare3  nfs             defaults,nouser,nofail  0       2
#               /mnt/usbshare1  nfs             defaults,nouser,nofail  0       2

# USB Shares
/dev/disk/by-uuid/244AB1B84AB186D8              /mnt/usbdrive1  ntfs-3g         defaults,nouser,nofail  0       2
/dev/disk/by-uuid/4868556D68555AB0              /mnt/usbdrive2  ntfs-3g         defaults,nouser,nofail  0       2
/dev/disk/by-uuid/9E0466D90466B3C5              /mnt/usbdrive3  ntfs-3g         defaults,nouser,nofail  0       2

/mnt/usbdrive*:/mnt/nfsshare*:/mnt/usbshare*    /mnt/local              fuse.mergerfs   defaults,nouser,sync_read,allow_other,category.action=all,category.create=eplfs,minfreespace=5G,fsname=mergerfs-local   0       3
/mnt/local/gmedia:/mnt/rclone/gmedia*     /mnt/storage            fuse.mergerfs   defaults,nouser,sync_read,allow_other,category.action=all,category.create=eplfs,minfreespace=5G,fsname=mergerfs-storage 0       3

The above works really well, but /mnt/usbdrive2 has just today dropped below 5G free space, the other usbdrive shares and the nfsshare shares have terabytes of free space still, however.

If I try and create a folder on /mnt/local it fails, the folder itself doesn't get created on any of the drives, and thus I can't copy files to the folder that doesn't get created.

The folder is created via a batch script that gets run on windows, when the available free space is more than 5G on /mnt/usbdrive2 the script runs perfectly and the folder is created and files copied successfully.

I assumed I had done something incorrect with the category.create. So I tried epff and eplfs but both fail to create the folder on a different drive that has more free space.

My assumption is now that it's not category.create that is wrong but is instead how I am grouping the drives as I am using wildcards i.e. "/mnt/usbdrive*:/mnt/nfsshare*:/mnt/usbshare*" does this sound like I am on to something? is there a better way to group drives perhaps without specifically naming each mount point?

Sorry I forgot to add the folder I am trying to create is a subfolder of another folder, the other exists on all the usbdrive* and nfsshare* mount points, I created the folder manually directly on each of those mount points prior to trying to create the folder in a subfolder via /mnt/local.

For example I was trying to create /mnt/local/folder1/folder2, and the following folders already exist but are all empty except for /mnt/usbdrive2/folder1 which contains other subfolders which have files in them.


There are a couple of options to get support with mergerfs (including discord & reddit):

Given that, the author is also present in these forums, so you can ping him directly if you want.

Awesome done that thank you! Had to split my message up, but no worries Discord seems not to like long messages.

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