MEGASync 2FA needed

I'm glad to see rclone has made a huge amount of progress since I last checked the project about 5 years ago.

The one item I would like to see (I understand that it probably won't be on the roadmap for a while) is 2FA support with MEGASync. I use a key fob for as many of my accounts as possible and don't want to remove it for MEGASync. I will continue to use their clunky Linux client until I see a commit for 2FA for MEGASync.


Already an issue:

add 2fa support for mega · Issue #3165 · rclone/rclone (

hello and welcome to the forum,

i do not use mega, tho i do s3 providers such as aws s3 and wasabi, a s3 clone.

s3 has support for 2FA but rclone does not.
i wrote a python script to work around that.

for each s3 bucket, i created a permission policy that enforces the requirement for a 2FA token.

so if someone got my rclone.conf, managed to decrypt it, then that someone could not use rclone to access the file in the bucket.

took a very quick read of that link from @Animosity022,
"MegaCMD has an undocumented auth-code flag"

i would try to create the auth code and feed to mega using --header

Ah, thanks. I see it's on github. The admins can close this thread. Thank you.

another ootion might be to use megacmd to login, create a local webdav server.
then have rclone sync to that.

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