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Quick question. I'm doing a MEGA to OneDrive transfer. Once the MEGA hits the transfer rate limit, is the transfer going to stop? I DO NOT WANT to bypass anythig, just want to know if the system waits 'till I am allowed to download again and continues by itself. If not, is there a way? Or just transfer 5GB per 5GB of files?

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what is that transfer limit?

I believe it is 5GB or 10GB per x hours, per IP.
I just want to know if I can leave it doing its business overnight without stoppages.

there are a few ways

  1. limit the bandwidth --bwlimit
  2. limit the amount of data transferred --max-transfer-size

Could use that, but it'd stop anyway right?

  1. does not stop, continues to run at the specified speed.
  2. does stop once the transfer size is reached.

after some Try it Yourself™ testing it does not stop downloading just keeps "downloading" at 0kb/s which is what I wanted. It eventually after the limit "resumes" downloading again (gets speed). Amazing.

yeah, that is the way to go.

i could be wrong but that seems strange to me?
what command did you run?

what exactly is that limit??

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