Mega - suddenly, failure to login


I was accessing normally to a mega account when one day to next logging using rclone mount results in failure to log. Web access goes smoothly.

Change is that account went pass 50GBs for a bit, and next day the 30 days of 50Gigs ended, I received a nice message of account full. I delete to under 50GB but not able even after to log in with rclone mount.

Did I reach a limit in rclone or might be a bug?
Account at your disposal to make test.


Is there an error message? Can you post it?

What does rclone lsf -vv mega: output?

lsf outputs

Failed to create file system for “remote:”: couldn’t login: Try again

mount fails with

Failed to create file system for “remote:”: couldn’t login: Try again

by the way, there are no shared folders…

I use a bat file with a config file, for both commands above and before it stopped working.
I rechecked user/pass creating a new config file - some outcome of runninb above commands with new password: Failed to create file system etc.
Checked commands work with other mega remote


I’ve seen this in the integration tests - they have started working now though.

That message “Try Again” means the server is too busy and to try again later.

Is it working OK now?

Tried several times at different hours of the day…
I did never work. And other mega remotes did. And I could reach this remote with web but not with rclone.
i am afraid it is not a point of being busy… or perhaps they become busy for rclone when account is over quota…
Should you wish the user/pass to check yourself… let me know.

Can you get it under quota and check that?

It might be worth asking mega support also.

If I bring it under quota the possibility to find out the reason will vanish…

To reach the situation it would be needed to register a new account, fill it to over 15GB and wait for a month so that limit goes down from 50 to 15…

By the way I wll be in blackout for some days.

Got the mega remote to under quota and then all works properly.
Seems there might be an issue with rclone and overquota situations…

Thanks for getting back to us with the results… I’ll have a think about what to do!