traffic limit for rclone?

Hi, I would like to buy the Pro I plan.

Here is monthly limit 2 TB of transfer .

Please advise, is the 2 TB limit calculated for public files or also when downloading my files via rclone?

Thank you

The best place to check is mega website or their forum.

I agree, but unfortunately I couldn't find the answer anywhere. That's why I'm asking the experts here. Thank you.

Maybe some Mega user can help.

2TB of storage
2TB of downloads

I'm using mega s3 compatible storage rather than their original storage format and there is no limit.

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@LeoW, can you share more info about mega s4?

mega s4 is in beta, no pricing, little info posted so far.
does it support:

  • session tokens
  • iam/bucket polices
  • use minio or what
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I am an official beta tester for the S4 platform. I do not have any specific answer to your question. It works really well is about all I can say. I don't know when it will go production I am not privy to that information.

thanks, i just signed up for the beta. let's see if they accept me.

note: i think i was re-edting my post, at the same time you were replying.
so, i wanted to know if you can or allowed to comment on support for:

  • session tokens
  • iam/bucket polices
  • uses minio server or what

Sorry but I don't have any answers. I was given an instruction sheet on how to connect to the servers and that was about it. They have not offered any method of communication other than the occasional how are things going. The only form of communication is to send an email. There is no Forum or area for beta testers to ask each other questions or provide feedback to one another. It's very basic communication.

Sorry I have no more information that I can provide.

thanks, the info you shared was helpful.


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