Md5 for rclone.exe or digital signature? thx


rclone is great but without md5 or digital signature
i am running it thru sandboxie for win.

for win version is it possible to make user feel
safer by the above info? we win user need to fight
too much malware.

running a .exe, downloaded from net but without any ID worry me enough.


It has SHA1, SHA256 and MD5 hashes for each of the releases.

I’ve just implemented a signed MD5 sum for the v1.40 release.

This isn’t signed in the windows way though which is what I expect @ccchan234 is after though?


thx for reply.

current download … no chechsum.
if go git yeah there is checksum for v1.40

i am still using v1.39,
from… older release…v1.39…
i still dont found checksum.

i will try dig out if v1.39 have checksum on git later. and report here.

thx anyway.

from what i saw.

github… ncw… rclone… releases…

seems only v1.40 have checksum.

ok may be i better upgrade to v1.40 then. thx

Yes I only just started making checksums, so only the v1.40 release has them.