Maximum size of file which can be tranferred using rclone

i have put a 5gb file in sftp server. according to my requirement rclone first should pick the files from src folder put the files in processed folder and then put the files at destination folder.
but in destination folder its not putting the 5gb file. if i keep smaller files then its able to put the files from source to the processed as well as the destination folder.

I'm not sue why this behaviour when i have to move a big file at two places at one after the other. can anyone please help.

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5GiB is a very small file size. rclone and sftp can easily handle that.

  1. pick a single file that fails to transfer.
  2. try to copy that single file.
  3. add -vv to the command for debug output.
  4. copy/paste the full output text into the forum
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