Max-read-ahead what does exactly?

Can someone explain me what does exactly this option?

I didn’t found any differences between 200M, 14G… always work as the same way (On ACD)


It is a hint to the kernel that it should read ahead files.

I looked at the kernel sources, and linux caps the value to 128k so setting it larger than that won’t do anything.

It might be it does something on OSX I don’t know.

Thanks a lot for your reply

the number of checkers is important for mount to streaming? Or its only for upload files? (On ACD + Rpi3 + Kodi)


checkers is used in certain places to increase parallelism… I don’t think that it is very important for rclone mount

Thanks a lot for your reply :smiley:

I will continue trying to a good config to avoid the Buffering continuos :frowning:

@ncw what about if you have multiple concurrent stream eg 20 streams at once ? I assumed checkers would play important part

rclone mount will open as many connections as you have files open - it doesn’t use the checkers limit there.

Good to know, another thing to remove from mount params :slight_smile:

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