Max number of files to be transfer per day?

I need some script to make my Rclone transfer 6 files a day .
If any flags could help me. because of the limitation of google drive I have to transfer only 6 files every 24 hours.

There is this open feature request

Is that what you need?

You could use --max-transfer in the mean time also.

hello and welcome to the forum,

you can save the output of rclone lsf and write a script to copy the top six items.

not sure your use-case but you can set --bwlimit to a value such that rclone never hits the 750GB limit
i think --bwlimit=8.5M will do that.

thank you for your response, I am a new ubuntu user so could you please edit this command for me (add the 6 files limitation).
rclone move home/salwan/test/ gdrive:/

thank you, but I am looking to limit rclone with 6 files everytime commands run

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