Max File size when transferring from Dropbox to Oracle Object Storage?

I will be needing to transfer a large file(600gb) from Dropbox to Oracle Object Storage. Is there a limitation on how big a file can be?

Also what is the best way to speed up my transfer?

RClone Version: 1.50.2
OS: Linux
Source/Target: Dropbox to Oracle Object Storage

Oracle Object storage is S3 based.

It is mostly on the destination you can tweak things

  --s3-chunk-size SizeSuffix           Chunk size to use for uploading. (default 5M)

Increasing that will help - note that the chunks are stored in memory. Rclone will use a chunk size of 60MB to get the number of parts below 10,000 anyway.

  --s3-upload-concurrency int          Concurrency for multipart uploads. (default 4)

You might want to up this - note that there are this many chunks stored in memory

I recommend the latest beta also - there was a bug in s3 memory usage with big files which is now fixed.

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