Max delete percentage or GB?

Currently there is a handy flag --max-delete which limits the number of files that can be deleted.

As libraries vary substantially in size and file count is there any possibility to implement some kind of max delete by total GB or, even better, by % of library size? The latter might be difficult as it would involve calculating destination library size before starting a sync/copy ... but you solve impossible problems every day, so no harm in asking.

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A --max-delete-size would be reasonably easy to implement I think.

% of sync would be possible but tricky since rclone doesn't know that until part way through the sync normally.

--max-delete-size would be excellent, if not too much work.

I understand % of sync would require a lot of extra information. Probably not something you would want to build in. It's easy enough for the user to calculate with a small script that extracts size from rclone size output and sets --max-delete-size to whatever fraction they want. :+1:

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