Max 750 Kbyte/s speed /transfer?!


i have a VPS from with 6 Cores, 3GB RAM and SSD

when i run a speedtest on i got 300 Mbit/s in up and down.

But when i upload with rclone to ACD i got only roundabout 750 Kbyte/s per transfer.

Anyone have an idea

rclone move --transfers 1
give me 1 x 750 Kbyte/s upload

rclone move --transfers 5
give me 5 x 750 Kbyte/s upload

Try uploading from a different provider than cloud at cost or try during a different time of the day.

The most likely cause is a “bad connection” between cloud at cost and Amazon’s data center. Speedtests usually select the closest server, where the chance is better to get decent speeds. I couldn’t find any info on who cloud at cost peers with directly, so I can’t provide further details.