Manually uploading to cache folder

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First of all, i'd like to express my gratitude to this entire community. The first i ever heard of rclone, i was discouraged to even attempt setting it up due to what appeared to be an enormous effort at the time. However, I've spent the past week browsing through the forum, some github repos etc, and i'm actually in a good position to complete my transition now.
For some background, i'm doing what i imagine an enormous amount of users is currently doing or has done in the past: transferring my currently External HDD-hosted Plex library to a GDrive instance.
I've now understood what I need and am only wondering one last thing, so would appreciate if someone could help.

My apologies if this question has already been asked or is in the doc in some forms, as i wasn't able to find the info i'm looking for.

Actual question
So i have my files on a MacOS JBOD array, i've mounted a cache remote pointing to a drive remote, and want to use that same JBOD as the cache folder.
Would rclone recognise and correctly handle files and folders if i manually moved them, let's say from my TV subfolder, to a Cache subfolder?
My goal in doing this is to avoid the transfer time that MacOS seems to show when moving to a different volume, and instead move files internally on the same volume.

Thanks in advance!


hello and welcome to the forum,

the cache remote has been depreciated

might use a union remote

I am new to rclone so had few question. Cache has been depreciated -> Does that mean there's no need to use cache for any use case? Is mounting directly a viable alternative?
I have setup a normal gdrive -> gdrive_crypt and then use rclone copy for uploading. For reading the data(mostly streaming), I am using rclone mount and use as normal volume. For plex, I point to that location and stream. Has been working without issues. Is this a proper setup for my use case?

hello and welcome to the forum,

if you have a setup that is working and stable, then use that.

for streaming media, this is recommended and what most rcloners use now.

Got it, thanks.
I'll browse around the union doc.
I don't think have the sufficient privileges but I suppose this thread can be closed.

I dont have much idea about how rclone cache works. If I set the flag vfs-cache-mode full, then would it store whatever data I read from gdrive to local disk for the default time( --vfs-cache-max-age - 1hr)? What if I access more data than the locally available storage within that time period? Would it overwrite old cache or give some error

using a cache, whether a cache remote, or using vfs cache, is optional.
some rcloners do not use any cache at all.

the advantage of vfs cache mode full, is that rclone will only download the chunks of a file requested. not the entire file. it uses sparse files.

i am not an expert on the vfs cache and never had an issue with limited local storage.
if you run out of space, then you run out of space...

vfs-cache-max-age=1hr, any file not accessed in 1hr, that file is removed from the cache.
i never used that flag myself.

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