Making multiple POST calls to the rcd

Hi ,

Could someone please help us on understanding any limitation or performance issues with rcd daemon. These are the following queries we have.

  1. Is there any issues/limitation on making multiple POST calls to the rcd daemon to do multiple commands in parallel.?
  2. Do we have any performance metrics for this.?
  3. What are the limitation or known issues with rcd daemon.?

Ashok Chawan


The rc exports various stats. It also exports prometheus logs.

Can't think of any! Can you be more specific in what you are trying to acheive?

Hi Nick,
Thank you for your response.

How many maximum parallel jobs we can run using rcd. How we can achieve this ?

Ashok Chawan

You are limited only be memory, cpu and network bandwidth.

It will depend on what you are doing, but provided rclone has enough memory it won't crash. It may get slow.

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