macFUSE, OSXFUSE, rclone mount and homebrew

I use rclone to sync my NAS to an AWS compliant remote storage provider. I also have an rclone mount set up, which I find very useful.

As background, I installed rclone using homebrew. I like using homebrew because I feel safer that I know how back things out and remove packages if I need to. If you've used homebrew to install rclone, you'll know that there's a dependency problem with macFUSE. That is, even if you have it installed before installing rclone, it won't be recognised and rclone mount won't work. There's a workaround explained in this Git issue (#5373)

So far so good. Except...
I just installed ubuntu inside a UTM virtual machine. I want to use it for hosting a local copy of wordpress for my company website for experimenting on. I might also use it for playing with web development or spin up others for various projects where I have no clue what I'm doing and want to create an isolated environment.

To do this conveniently, I want to connect to the VMs filesystem, and for that sshfs seems the obvious choice. Here's the sticking point. It appears that sshfs isn't included in macFUSE anymore. So I tried to install sshfs using brew and it won't install (#1654). The error message says that sshfs can't be installed because it needs macFUSE (which I already have installed) and that macFUSE is closed source.

Now that's annoying.

There's a possible fix proposed in #1654 that involves stripping out macFUSE and everything dependant on it and tapping gromgit/homebrew-fuse. I could try this but I think that would break my rclone install because the fix in 5373 requires you to install macFUSE at the same time as rclone.

Have other people come across this? What would be the best course of action? Should I uninstall macFUSE and install OSXFUSE instead. Would rclone mount still work if I did that, or would I break it? If I install OSXFUSE, will sshfs then install?

I would unmount any rclone drive you have before removing anything FUSE related.

Also my understanding is that macFUSE is OSXFUSE, it was called that I think before macFUSE became closed source.

Yes, I'm not sure exactly what the relationship between macFUSE and OSXFUSE is, but I gather they're related.

I think that OSXFUSE is open source but isn't native to Apple Silicon, whereas I think macFUSE is.

I have found a workaround gromgit/fuse has an sshfs-mac formulae that allows for macFUSE. It would be better to use open source, not least because the core homebrew repo requires it, but I just found an article in the register about why it went closed source and I totally get why the author did it.

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