Lst/get ALL files in a gdrive


I'm trying to use rclone to list all files on a big Google drive (around 2M files). This drive is used by a lot of users who changed files permissions. Thus I don't have a single Google account able to see all files in the drive.
I successfully set up a service account. I can list files with the --drive-impersonate option but get an empty list when using rclone without --drive-impersonate
I can't loop through all users to list all files in the drive.

Is the a way to setup some king of operator/sueruser that would be able to see all files ?


If you use the admin/manager account does that work?

AFAIK there's no admin. The drive is a personnal drive from a specific user shared with all other users (it's not a team drive). Even the Drive owner has not full rights on stored files :frowning:

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