$ ls - top level directories (missing?)

I tried to use --max-depth 2 and 3

It seems it will only display a few directories and then stop.

How exactly would I list only the top level directories on say a “secret:” encrypted path?

I tried adding --drive-full-list also …

Getting like every file on the whole path works yeah. But most of the time you are only interested in the folders.

Is it because it is amazon cloud drive?

If you just want to see directories in the top level

rclone lsd secret:

Or a few more levels

rclone lsd --max-depth 3 secret:

Does that help?

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Ha yeah! I think I completely forgot about that one it’s even an alias in shell environment I thank you a lot for answering such a silly question I guess I thought I had gotten used to it :wink:

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