Ls file vs directory showing trashed files

Is it normal for the ls command to show a file that is in the Gdrive trash? If I do ls against a directory, it is not showing the trashed files. If I ls for a specific file, it is showing the old file and its size even though I believe it is in the trash.

rclone ls GD:/path/
This shows files 1, 2, and 3 that exist in the path currently. file4, which was deleted, is not shown.

But if I do this:
rclone ls GD:/path/file4
Then file4 is shown as the only file in the request. I think the behavior should be to NOT show file4 unless a --drive-trashed-include or some other flag is set. It should return an empty file list.

Is this the expected behavior? Or am I missing something?

Iirc its intended ever since 1.38. so whenever you delete using rclone, it will go to recycle bin/trash. If you clear trash using the google site interface and try to find file4, you wouldn’t able to.

I tried to replicate the problem

$ echo "test1" | rclone rcat drive:delete-test/test1.txt
$ echo "test1" | rclone rcat drive:delete-test/test2.txt
$ echo "test3" | rclone rcat drive:delete-test/test3.txt
$ rclone ls drive:delete-test
        6 test1.txt
        6 test2.txt
        6 test3.txt
$ rclone delete drive:delete-test/test2.txt
$ rclone ls drive:delete-test
        6 test1.txt
        6 test3.txt
$ rclone ls drive:delete-test/test2.txt
2018/01/19 10:42:20 ERROR : : error listing: directory not found
2018/01/19 10:42:20 Failed to ls: directory not found

But it didn’t.

What do I need to do to replicate the problem?