Looking for the safest steps to copy my data from one Gsuite user to another using rclone

With the current changes going on at Google and it potentially appearing (at least according to their current documentation) that although workspace enterprise standard is more expensive per user, there isn't the same minimum user requirements, I am therefore looking at moving my considerable data from one of my user accounts that I may or may not then delete. Even if this isn't the case it doesn't hurt to be prepared as this will probably take a while with the roughly 200tb of data I have stored.

So is it as simple as ensuring the new account I'm copying to is added to my rclone config and then doing a copy command (setting bandwidth limit to ensure I don't go over the 750gig a day limit, which I presume will still apply moving data to a different user) and then waiting a few weeks for it to complete?

also does the fact the original data is encrypted complicate things?

Just a simple copy from one remote to another staying within the 750gb daily limit and let it go.

Thanks, that's as I presumed then. So just to clarify, I don't need to take consideration into the fact the remote is encrypted? Do I need to do anything special if I resume mounts from the new user?

Nope, nothing special at all as you can copy from any remote to any remote. In this case, it really just is simple.

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Cheers Ani,

Have you decided what you are doing re Gsuite/workspace?

Just waiting to see what happens. All my stuff is replaceable anyway.

this might be helpful to read

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