Looking for easy Tutorial on google Enterprise + rclone

Hey there,

i am quite experienced in using rclone with different services
and backends.
With dropbox and box and others i never had a problem.
But with getting into google enterprise i really cannot get the most simple
setup to work:
5 users all accessing the same team drive through rclone with possibility to
read, write and delete files.
When i log in through the webinterface of google drive with those users
seperately they can do all the things necessary. Also delete.
But it doesn't work through rclone.
When i try to access a teamdrive through rclone mount with a secondary user
i can create folders but i cannot delete anything.
I always get "Error While Deleting. You do not have sufficient permissions to delete the folder "test".
Error removing file /home/X/mountpoints/gdrive/test2: Input/output error".

Rclone config is exactly done as described in the documentation to setup a team drive.
I also setup this API-Stuff, published a project and so on.
Everything as described.
And for the Admin-User it works fine.
Also through rclone. But there seems to be an information missing regarding the access of secondary users.
Do i need to use this option to pose as another user? I really don't understand if
this is necessary. Generally the whole admin console of google enterprise is that much
cluttered that alone getting to know around those things you need to take exams for it
it seems. Never seen such a complexity mess for arbitrary options in my whole life.
Is here somebody using such a setup and can point me maybe to some
easy tutorial, forum, videos, googledoc or whatever that just deals with google enterprise team drives and rclone?
Different languages would also be okay.

Thanks in advance

I don't think there is too much different as if you've setup the other backends, Google Drive should be pretty much the same.

If you share more details on what you've tried and what isn't working, I'm sure folks can help debug/figure it out.

For team drives, you can just add people to the drive and they configure rclone to connect.

I have done exactly this.
And it works. But i cannot delete or rename anything with those secondary users through rclone.
The admin-user can.
This is insofar a problem that i cannot mount the drive with secondary users and make file operations that way. Because when i try to copy something through the mount there is a temporaryfile that grows but it cannot be renamed in the end and thus the transfer stalls/fails.
The copy-command works also for the secondary users because it transfers the file directly. So far it does work as workaround but it does limit the usage of this storage because i cannot use programs that use filesystem-access with it.

In the webinterface of google drive everything works for every user. Also deleting.
Thus it is some problem with the API-stuff that isn't described in the rclone-documentation for google drive.
I also went through the google admin console and tried here and there stuff, also to add users to the API-project i created, and also set them as "Owner", which doesn't help.
The admin console of google is extremely complex. There is countless of tables with settable permissions and groups and different apps and they use their own terminology for a lot of things. Hard to see through.

This should also be easily to reproduce for the person(s) writing the gdrive-module for rclone.
New google enterprise account with 5 users.
Set the users up.
Create Team-Drive in googledrive.
Add all users to the drive.
Create API as described in rclone-documentation.
Setup rclone, login with admin with the client and secret of that api, get the token,
mount the storage: works.
Do the same with a secondary user: deleting doesn't work.

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