Looking for Dropbox Business partners


I have been looking for solutions to the eventual migration of my media library from GSuite (I’ve been using one user for unlimited data and am worried that they will finally start enforcing stuff).

From what I gathered Dropbox is the best alternative for people looking to have unlimited storage and media streaming.

I was wondering if there were people around here interested in partnering to acquire a Dropbox business advanced plan.


what would be the plan?

  1. payment
  2. how to prevent one user from accessing or accidentally/intentionally deleting another user's data?

Agree with asdffdsa,

How to be sure money will be used to pay for Dropbox and not just run away, contract terminated and all your data deleted?

How can you secure no access to each other information?

How will a non payment from one of the partners be handled.

It's sounds like unless it's somebody you know and trust you are better paying for it and finding close friends who are interested and sell them the other accounts.

Thanks for the replies.

You raise good points. Regarding payment I would suggest one would pay the anual fee, assuming higher financial risk but assuming the administrator role. The other users would pay and keep access on a monthly basis.

I don’t know how different accounts are managed in these plans. I assumed their space was independent and they wouldn’t be able to mess with each other data (aside from the administrator maybe), but maybe that isn’t the case... I can’t see a way around that problem. Even with close friends.

According to Dropbox FAQ only the admin would be able to see other users content if he decided to login to those accounts.

Anyways. I think I’m going to subscribe to this plan and then see who wants to get on board. I’m not really interested in what others do with their storage (albeit it would be important to agree on blatantly cross the ToS), I just want someone to pay rent for the time they care to have unlimited storage as well.

each user should use a crypted remote, then each user could not see the files of another user.

Yes. I use a crypted remote but I don’t know the preferences of whoever. Of course encrypted content is optimal.

Anyways, anyone interested?

how would i pay you, for a month to month?

Whatever is fine with you. I have PayPal, Bitcoin wallet... Want to talk on discord?

I'm also interested. Gsuite unlimited is too risky.

I seem to recall that DB requires you to request more space as you approach the current limit. Do you or the admin plan to do that?

Hi, Just now seeing this thread.

Not sure if you guys have started one already or not but i currently run a business dropbox with the "as much as you need" plan. I have had no issues asking for more storage, and will expand the unlimited to anyone that wants to join. Dropbox upload and download exceed my Gigbit limit. I could not be happier with the service.

I will charge 30/month. Payment via zelle.

If there is interest, contact me at TrevorKSmith@protonmail.com


Trevor K Smith