Looking for AU Dropbox slot

Looking to jump into an AU Dropbox Business advanced slot if anyone has it available?

Have you had any luck on this? Im in AU and only have two weeks left on my GDrive grace period and have been deciding whether to set up myself and bear the burden on 3 users, or trust others with my data.

Not as of yet, I would be happy to jump in with you. I do have a large drive to transfer over but do have about 5 weeks. Let me know, can send a PM

Why does it matter if the account is registered in your country? I'd assume Dropbox has routing and servers everywhere. They wouldn't only host the data in the specific country it's primary account is registered to.

More for the billing, getting charged in AUD rather than USD

I also have an interest in AU accounts. The reports about DP not increasing the storage capacity are causing some concern.

Is there any truth to it? I'm currently only using 20tb on gdrive and would jump in to an Aus group - could pay 3 monthly or 6 monthly to give payment security. I don't think I have the time to be an admin.