Long file path support

Does Rclone support file length above 255.

Thank you
Will it help sync 2 CIFS shared folders on windows

Rclone can’t at this point connect to a CIFS server.

You’d be better off mounting both network shares on windows and using teracopy or similar tools for copying/syncing.

rclone uses windows extended paths so yes it should.

If you mount them both then rclone can sync them. However as @spicypixel said, rclone can’t talk directly to CIFS network shares yet.

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Google bucket has a restriction of 1K bytes for path length. How does rclone handle this for for sources with path names more than 1K? How do you migrate such files to google bucket?

It will return an error from the google bucket which will stop the sync I think.

I’d exclude the really long paths from the sync, then do another sync of just those long paths to a different bucket.

How will the synching to another bucket for long paths will address the > 1K path length issue?

He’s suggesting you go into the directory and copy from a closer relative path with would circumvent the limit.

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Got it. This will become a manual activity.