Log file not generated when config password enabled

Hi there,

Apologies if this has already been dealt with.

I have my config password enabled and everytime I use the rclone with the option --log-file, a log file is created but it contains only the password prompt line. (shouldn’t be there) No log is actually recorded in it.

(this has been tested with the “sync --dry-run --log-file” command, as well as “copy” and it happens for all the remotes I have: Box, pCloud and hubiC)

I use rclone 1.40 on a linux i386 architecture.



Rclone is quite quiet by default - if you add -v then hopefully you’ll see log lines.

I agree that the password prompt shouldn’t be in the log file though - can you please make a new issue on github about this.

Hi ncw,

Thanks for your quick reply. However there are some inconsistencies:

  1. Even without a -v option, I get quite a lot of info in the stdout that I should find in the log file, but I won’t. (the -v option doesn’t produce any log file too)
  2. Even for commands when an output is excpected (e.g. rclone config show), when I use --log-file, I get no output in the log file
  3. rclone hangs if the option --log-file is used (probably tryint to write the file) and I have to stop it with a Ctrl-C

Any idea?


What command are you running?

rclone only puts the logs into the log file starting (eg 2018/04/06 13:47:55 INFO: ... )- any other output (eg rclone ls) will go to stdout.

That is what I’d expect. If you want to capture the output of rclone config show use rclone config show > file

I expect it is waiting for you to enter your config password (but the prompt has gone to the log file).

I am running rclone sync -v --dry-run --log-file log.txt src:path dst:path

Thank you, this actually works OK.

That is the case (it never prompts me for a password on stdout when I use the sync command with --log-file) So, if I understand correctly, by fixing the password prompt bug, the log should automatically be recorded.


Yes I think that is correct :smiley: