Lock release threads

I use Discourse notifications for the Releases category to let me know when new rclone versions come out. Every time some rando replies to a release thread like this one

... the forum sends me an email. Can you please lock all threads in the release forum so only admins/mods can post there?

CC @Animosity022

I think that's a good idea.

@ncw - thoughts?

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After putting in a bit of research the "watching first post" notification setting fixes my problem. I don't recall seeing that option before, maybe it's new. I love Discourse!

Might want to lock threads anyway if you don't want people posting in there, though.

My apologies if I have been unknowingly causing annoyance.

I do feel there is some value to leaving responses open (for a while) as it can be nice to point out especially interesting new features and the like to other users.
I think there is some positive benefit to community morale too.

But this is an administrative choice of course, and I'm not an administrator - so that's just, like... my opinion man :wink:

If that solved your problem I'd like to leave the release notifications unlocked. Often I get useful feedback on which features people appreciate and sometimes pick up bug reports!

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Yes of course, your call. Thanks for making rclone!

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