Local Setup for RCLONE to contribute

I need to contibute to RCLONE, So inorder to do that , i need to fork the repo to my local machine.; So anyone could please guide me how i could clone the repo and run it in my local machine..?

I use MacOS for development

Check out:

It's an enhancement, I'm a zoho workdrive user, all the download calls triggered from rclone are using old download APIs, so just i need to update the request URL with the new one. So anybody could help me in this??

The line to change is rclone/zoho.go at 4f374bc26475316aaf9f4392c58017507de9e057 · rclone/rclone · GitHub . Is there anything else to take care so that my changes wont make other things affected?

Also, I'm new to Go language :frowning:

Give it your best shot and then send a pull request. I can help you more there if needed.

Note that the pull request will lint the code etc.

Set up a remote called TestZoho then you will be able to run go test -v when you are in the backend/zoho directory. This will run integration tests with Zoho and you can see if you broke anything.

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