"local remotes" - does rclone support syncing to another local host?

Greetings, Rclone forum!

I’m researching options for syncing/mirroring local petabyte-level storage pods: https://www.backblaze.com/blog/petabytes-on-a-budget-how-to-build-cheap-cloud-storage/

For the purposes of this question please envision a local network with two pods where one is intended to be an ‘active backup’ of the other. I.e. both the source and the destination for the sync are backblaze pods.

While I could fall back to a traditional unix/linux solution such as rsync, I’m also exploring other options, which led me to try out rclone.

Can rclone handle this? Does it provide useful value beyond what could be done with rsync and cron?

I would very much appreciate various perspectives on this. Thanks in advance!

If you were to mount the disks over nfs (say) then you could use a local to local transfer.

rclone doesn’t yet have a local network transfer mode, though I have prototyped one.

As to whether it would be better than rsync… rclone is a lot more concurrent that rsync so certainly has that potential. It doesn’t do incremental transfers within files (so no delta algorithm) which may or may not be a problem.