The --sftp-copy-is-hardlink is cool and opens up some new ideas. It would be nice if we could do something similar for the local backend if the file system supports it.

and what these "new ideas" would be for example?

rclone is not really designed for local operations and is missing many features present in tools like rsync:

  • does not preserve extended attributes
  • does not preserve ownership
  • does not preserve access rights


Adding hardlinks support is not gonna change much IMO.

Great minds... :slightly_smiling_face:

There isn't any telemetry done but I would be astonished if at least 25% of the time, one of the remotes is local when people use rclone for copy/sync.

That isn't always true with --metadata. (extended attributed depend on more specifics)

"much" -- No. But neither is --sftp-copy-is-hardlink and you could imagine a use case for this. One example (not mine though) is to emulate rsync's --link-dest as a backup for a cloud remote. That would actually be a huge win if it works correctly with copy-dest. You could have synthetic full snapshots (a la rsnapshot/TimeMachine/rsync with the right flags).

Very cool! This would be macOS (and APFS) specific though. General copying as hardlinks would work on Linux too (I don't think Windows offers something like it but I don't know)

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