Listing files that 2 remotes have in common

Is there an rclone command that will just generate a list of files that 2 remotes have in common?

rclone check is what you want. It will give you more info than just what is in common though. That is easily filtered out though with shell commands.

For example:
rclone check xxx-cryptp: yyy-cryptp: -vv 2>&1 | grep OK\$

Or if you prefer

rclone lsf --files-only -R remote1: | sort > files1
rclone lsf --files-only -R remote2: | sort > files2
comm -12 files1 files2

Will try these, thanks! The additional factor in my case is that my source and target remotes would have the files in different folder structures, so I'm trying to see if remote2 contains remote1's files in any subfolders as well, not just the root level.

How about using rclone lsjson --encrypted to generate a list of hash values from both remotes and then you can compare those with similar commands to what ncw have you.

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