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Hello everyone reading this,

Sometimes I want to browse my files outside, maybe to check if file is there, or check the size, or the path, I often use rclone mount and use Snap2HTML to make an HTML file explorer.

First to make things clear here are the links:

You can browse files and even search within them, it is really helpful when I do not need a live copy, and very lightweight, but using rclone mount consumes to much resources and time, I actually prefer using rclone tree or even better rclone lsjson, is it possible to make a feature like rclone lshtml or something like it? I can even send a link like this to anyone to show my files collection.

Thank you.


This could be VERY useful indeed! +1

And hypothetical functionality like you ask would not consume less time. it would have to traverse all remote directories and list all files. rclone tree and rclone lsjson are faster as you limit scope what to show - only directories or only specific path.

You can improve mount speed by using cache pre-warming

rclone mount src mountpoint --rc --rc-addr --rc-no-auth

and then

rclone rc vfs/refresh recursive=true --url _async=true

second rclone command would traverse all remote repopulating local dir cache. Depending on remote size and complexity it can take few minutes.

When finished your snap2html generating snapshots would as fast as using local disk.

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Reasons I like this idea, even if mount is faster:

  • Doesn't require FUSE or VFS
  • Read-only (no risk of accidentally updating remote)
  • Save multiple snapshots over time (for example, review state of the filesystem from last month with nice search/sort UI)
  • No concerns about conflicting/overlapping --cache-dir
  • Snap2HTML is windows-only, building similar functionality into rclone lshtml would work on any platform

All valid points:) Agree. It would be nice to have feature.

Maybe you could try to implement it? It seems like it would require recursive rclone lsjson and formatting output to html pages.

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I am potentially interested! But it might take me awhile to get to it, so if someone else is able to do it sooner, please do :slightly_smiling_face:

What about rclone serve

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