List of completed transfers?

After a transfer is completed, is there any way to output a list of the files that transferred into a text file? I'm trying to get a list of the files transferred, that way I can exclude them in the next transfer.

My situation is I have files in Source A that are copied to Source B. Files in Source A need to stay there, but after they are copied to Source B, I want to move the Source B files to a new location. On the next transfer, the same files will be transferred because they no longer exist in the Source B location so I'm trying to skip those files that were previously copied.


Can you use --max-age for this on the transfer from A to B? So only transfer recently modified files?

If you want a list of files transferred I'd probably use rclone lsf -R on source B after the transfer.

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Perect! Thanks! I'm using Windows right now and this is what I came up with.

rclone copy A:Folder B:Folder --exclude-from transferred.txt && rclone lsf B:Folder >> transferred.txt

After it's finished transferring, it saves the file list output from B:Folder to a text file. Then on the next run, it will ignore those files, so I am free to move them without copying them again! :slight_smile:

I want try this on one of my linux servers, would you happen to know how to write the output to a text file on there?

The same syntax should work on Linux just fine. Are you using WSL? I didn't think you could use && in CMD?

Just the regular old windows command prompt.

I was checking out some of rclones other features and looks like "rcat" does the same thing.

rcat is for uploading a file from standard input. Sometimes very useful!

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