List of cloud providers that support server side transfers


Is there a list showing which cloud providers support server side transfers? (ie --drive-server-side-across-configs)

I believe that Google Drive does support this. But what about others? eg WebDAV?



Documentation (

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That explains server side copying when using the same remote providers.

What about cloud to cloud copying between different providers? Without having to download/upload locally and relying on my local bandwidth.

Is this possible? Or would I have to run rclone on a cloud server with higher bandwidth?


Doesn't exist as each provider would have to agree to do that with each other.

You have to use your own bandwidth. Generally rent a cheap VPS and let it go.

There are a small number of providers which have an API - import this file from this URL and I did think about making that work with server side copy and using rclone link on the source remote, however not enough providers support it to be interesting. The only major provider that does is onedrive

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