List my directories in my Google Drive


I have added my google drive as a new remote, and now I’m trying to see my directories using the “lsd” command. I put my files under “My Drive”, and here are the directories under it (yes, they are in Chinese):

So I entered terminal and typed down the following "rclone lsd drive:My Drive/會計資訊系統 and it didn’t give me anything and just show a bunch of flags. At the bottom of this it said:

I still can’t see my directories under my drive. What should I do to fix this problem?


You need to put your arguments in quotes since they have a space in

rclone lsd "drive:My Drive/會計資訊系統"

That should work hopefully!

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I’m still stuck with some other error here:
it said: “Failed to create file system for “drive:My Drive/會計資訊系統”: didn’t find section in config file”

What did you call the remote? rclone listremotes will tell you. Use whatever you called it in place of drive: above.

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thanks so much Nick, it works!

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