List and mount all Google Team Shared Drives without having to configure every drive separately

It would be great to easily list and mount all and every google team shared drives for a single google or google-apps account. Is the only way to work with all team drives now is to configure and mount each drive separately?

When setting up a team drive, we can choose to type in a number from a list or "type in your own value", but what are options for own value?
Can we also list the drive using a Rclone command?

If we could configure an "all" team drive, and be able to mount them would be great.

If we could configure a drive to see all team drives along with My Drive, that would be awesome, and could possibly be used more like Google Drive File Stream under Windows and Mac, but for Linux. I don't think Google has any plans for creating a Drive File Stream for Linux clients.

That is the only way at the moment.

There is an issue for this

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