Link-sharing updated for Drive. Does it impact rclone mounts?

Does the above impact already existing rclone mounts or can we apply the security update with no worry?


I think it's best to read that support article and decide how to implement as it's really a question for your use case and how you want it to be applied in your setup.

Rclone just delivers whatever you got based on the security you have setup.

What are you using now? What is your plan to doing that security update? You can test and see how it works out.

I already have a working mount. I simply want to understand whether accepting that security update would modify anything in the way the mount works. I think it shouldn't but I wanted to be sure.

I am not sure if you read the link provided because it's not about how I implement it. It's whether to accept the security update (which I would be inclined to) or refuse it because it would mess up existing mounts.

I have programs referring to existing paths but I don't know how the internal workings of rclone are. If those paths are translated in a way that would be impacted by what Google is planning. And what Google is planning totally flies over my head.

Thanks I did read so as I'm trying to be helpful.

Are you using shared / team drives?
Are you using any shared content?
Are you using an EDU account or GSuite or neither?

If yes, you may have some impact.
If no, doesn't seem there would be.

Is there a specific section of that post you have a question on?

Did you see this?

That helps grab the details so we can help answer your items.

I'm sorry Animosity22, I am not posting the template because I'm not looking for troubleshooting, not out of lazyness :slight_smile: . Nothing is currently wrong with my set up. I selected the "Help and Support" category because I honestly did not know what else could fit.

I am not using shared/team drives. I am part of an organization whose members share folders within the organization. G Suite for Business account.

That post worries me for this:

"To make file sharing more secure, an upcoming security update changes the URLs for some Google Drive files and folders. The new links include a resource key in a file’s URL."

And I wonder: when accessing stuff through a Mount, is the file/folder's URL involved? Or, since it is using the API, it's not used?

Say I have a music file on Drive. I access it through a Drive mount, with rclone. If this security update is applied, does the resource become invalid somehow? I would guess not, because foobar2000 simply "calls" G:\Music\WhateverFolder\Whatevermusicfile.flac and rclone takes care of translating it to whatever Drive needs.

But I would like to be sure. Maybe @ncw is already aware of this upcoming security fix and has already evaluated its impact for mounts.

Right, but it does matter as it collects all the info up front to help ask a good question and not waste time going back and forth and it's formatted nicely to match up. Why fight it and just use it? It makes life easier for all of us.

So you have items that are added to your drive via add to my drive or something?

Rclone uses the API and not a URL to access things.

It would depend on if it's shared with you or not from that article. You can see what files are impacted by logging into the console and checking it out per the article.

Some files are in my Drive after using "Add to my Drive", yes. But I don't access them through links. Only the web interface or a rclone mount.

Unfortunately no, by logging into the console you can simply decide whether to accept the security update or not. Whether to accept it at organization level leaving users free to remove it or not.

This part:

Yes. But I am admin of the organization. And I have no clue how many files would be involved. And my decision has to happen before that date, if you check their schedule.

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