Link command for multiple folders at once

Hello and thank you for your time!

I am trying to create a link for multiple remote files/folders

For example to use the command "link" I would have to do this:

    rclone link "remote:path/file 1"
    rclone link "remote:path/file 2"
    rclone link "remote:path/file 3"

And so on, doing this manually over and over.

I want to share many files and this takes up time.

Is there a way for me to do all of this at once, or to loop the command with a different input every time?
I am using g-drive at the moment. (if that matters)

I am very new to python and any general guidance would be very appreciated.

To save the overhead of starting a backend each time, I would start an API server with 'rclone rcd'

I would then use Remote Control / API to submit the link requests. This will be much faster. You can then script this with the script of your choice.

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