Limit folder access for rclone on dropbox

Is there anyway I can setup rclone to have access to a particular folder rather than entire Dropbox?

Dropbox forum here How-do-I-limit-folder-access-for-certain-apps says, you can’t do anything from Dropbox side.

The reason am asking is… I have to share a lot of data with the clients. I was thinking of creating an rclone app and authenticate with my dropbox acount and share the config with them so that they can download using rclone (As soon as they are done with the download I can delete the app from my account). But, I was looking for a way to restrict them to one folder rather than giving access to my entire Dropbox.

Let me know if there is any better way of doing this. Thanks :slight_smile:

Doesn’t Dropbox have a mechanism to share a folder with somebody?

Good question! Yes, we can share the folder with the user.
The problem with Dropbox is, you can sync the data using dropbox client only if you add the shared data to your account. Which means you need to have that much space in your account. This is really stupid. I am sharing GBs of data and the client can’t download as they are not having enough space and of course can’t download from the browser.

I am looking at rclone as the alternative and share the app token key with them. But, looking for a way I can restrict them to a specific folder in dropbox.

And again dropbox dosen’t have a mechanism to restrict the app to a specific folder. But heard that we can do it from the app which is accessing Dropbox. So, I was wondering if rclone can do it or can we implement that.

No, if they have your auth token, they have complete access.