Lfsrclone: Use rclone as a custom transfer agent for git-lfs. Testers and contributors needed

I am developing a tool to use custom-transfer agent for git-lfs. Basically, it lets git-lfs handle all of the odd edge cases and just pushes/pulls from an rclone remote.

For me, this solves one of my fundamental problems with git-lfs: you need a custom server! Instead, you can now use any rclone remote!

(It is still centralized unlike git-annex, which can work with rclone, but that latter is super complex and overkill for most).

I am pretty well versed in git, rclone, and python, but not so much git-lfs. I have been using it for the past few weeks without issue but it needs more testing (formal and production).

I also have no way to test on Windows. I suspect there will need to be some modifications to the subprocess calls but I just don't know.

The readme has a lot of details on what remains.

Please check it out, test it, let me know of issues and ideas, and/or submit a pull request!


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