Less Directories is better with Plex Movies

I’ve been doing some testing in terms of cache/dir-cache and I made some adjustments in how my movies were stored.

Previously, I had all my movies in Radarr (~1800) and therefore, a folder/directory for every movie. When I redid my cache or started something cold, it made ~1800 dir calls to get the directories and my ‘cold’ startup time to warm up my cache was roughly 15-20 minutes.

Since Plex supports flat folders with properly named media for movies, I removed all my movies which I defined as ‘done’ meaning that no quality updates were needed and I decided to unmonitored them and remove them from Radarr.

I then dropped 1983 movies into a single folder, let Plex update all the paths and that reduced my ‘cold’ cache time from 15-20 minutes to about 2-3 minutes.

For matching, I made sure to use -> https://support.plex.tv/articles/200381023-naming-movie-files/ and my general naming is moviename.year.mkv/mp4

Unfortunately, Plex does not support flat folders for TV shows from what I was reading so I left my TV shows alone for now.

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That makes sense. It is an API call per directory lookup so that is a lot of API calls. Good idea putting them in one folder I think.