Learn what has changed from Team Drive to Shared Drives

" Team Drive renamed as Shared drives"
Google renamed Team Drives to Shared Drives, but the change is much bigger. In fact I can say that completely changed the rule.
I explain below:
See what has changed:
Team drive limits:
750 GB Upload
10 TB Download
per Team drive.
Before the change, each team drive had the same limits as any google account.

But now,with the shared drive:
"Individual users can only upload 750 GB each day between My Drive and all shared drives. Users who reach the 750-GB limit or upload a file larger than 750 GB will not be able to upload additional files that day. Uploads that are in progress will complete."

With the new rule, assuming you have 5 free accounts, you can add your shared drive to 5 free aaccounts, and create 5 remotes, one with each account. So you can upload up 3,750 Gb to the same shared drive per day.
The limit is no longer per drive, but per user. So if you add 100 users, each user can upload 750gb per day.

I personally really liked the news.

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This is not a new change. It was the same earlier too with Team Drives. The limits have always been applied per account instead of per drive.

I use dozens of team drivers, and the change was visible to me. If you search cached in google help you will see that the rules have changed.

There may have been some other changes, but this limit/loophole was the same before too. There are plenty of projects that have been abusing this particular loophole for quite some time now.

just clarifying
The old rules
" Maximum uploads per day

You can upload up to 750 gigabytes of files a day per Google Drive account. The same quotas/limits apply to Team Drive uploads"

I'm inclined to think Darth is correct here.
I think the confusion is maybe just from the terms "account" and "user" being somewhat interchangeable in this context. Each user can be said to have an account. In the technical sense they definitely do.

I am not entirely sure if it kosher to discuss this sort of thing relating to what is arguably "abuse" openly on the forum though. I have recently asked Nick for a clarification on this. It's not great for the project to be associated with that sort of thing. It's ultimately between you and Google, but we should be a little careful about discussing it here out of respect for Nick.

My Friend I'm just putting here what was changed.
Any uploader can confirm this.
Previously, a Team drive had the same limitation as a google account, meaning it didn't matter
how many people were on one Team drive, the team drive upload limit was 750GB per day.
Today, the limit is per user, if you have 10 users on a Shared Drive each user
send 750gb per day.
I do it all day, every day.
After the change, if I need to send 1.5tb to a Shared Drive, I send 750gb for each account.
Look at the previous google documentation for Team Drive, and see the new documentation.
I'm saying, I'm just showing the facts.

You can see the old rules here: https://customerservice.mediaagility.com/team-drives-limits/

We aren't disputing this is how it works now.
We are just saying that, as far as we know, this is how it worked before (on teamdrives) too.

The fact that Google themselves do not specify this in the old documentation does not mean much. They didn't (and still don't) specify a lot of details in the rules and quotas. A lot of these are specifically not published on purpose.

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