Launching applications from a mounted Google Drive

Hello! Faced a problem. I mounted gdrive. And I want to run applications and games from the mounted disk without caching and immediately. Please help make this happen. I want to run applications directly from the cloud drive

Please write the command in full. I'm just new at rclone :slight_smile:


if OS=Windows, then try my wiki

I read your wiki, but I didn't understand is it possible to run the game directly from the cloud disk without having it on the computer?

rclone mount makes it work,

why not try the wiki, just a few simple steps.

I actually read the wiki carefully. Can you write the complete command? I'm just new at rclone) Please

rclone.exe mount remote: z: --file-perms=0777
change remote: to whatever your remote is named.

and when you first posted, there was a template of questions, that so far, have not been answered.

Is it the whole command? Will everything work after that?

you asked for a complete command and i wrote it for you.
why not try it and see what happens

Woooow this is coool! I love you man!

You are a genius!

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