Launch rclone with automate for android

I’ve created a automate flow for automate for Android ( and added a link in the wiki. It’s a pretty easy and light weight way to launch rclone on Android devices. There are other options as well (termux or ConnectBot for example) but I wanted it gui driven and easy to customize.

I’ve kept the flow to 29 blocks as to not require Automate premium but consider supporting the developer since automate is a great tool.

That looks cool! What do you see its major use - running syncs from the phone to cloud storage or vice versa?

I use it for a few things.

  1. as a webdav/http serve as an alternate way to access my gdrive files without using my vps from my phone (maybe its down) or even if I wanted to share something to someone’s TV. Everyone has a browser now and my phone becomes the server.
  2. I set up scheduled time and sync personal files to gdrive (crypt) nightly. Phone backup…
  3. I keep some files on my phone from my home machine and want them synced periodically (when connected to home wifi which it can recognize) It does a quick check and syncs stuff.
  4. run a quick serve dlna from my gdrive crypt to share media on the go

Its pretty useful because automate can setup quite an elaborate flow if you need it to based on triggers or location or even if you take a picture (think replacement for google photo sync for example with rclone).

All really good ideas! I normally mess about with termux when I want to do that kind of thing, but it isn’t automated in any way.

I’ll have a go with it - thanks :smile:

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I also created a larger flow (requires premium) but it will store a historical set of commands that you can edit. This is so you can launch things you’ve crafted previously and can quickly fire them off (syncs, serve http, dlna, etc).

I’ve added this also to the wiki. Maybe someone will find it useful.

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