Keeping comments when performing server side copy in Google drive

Hi all,

just started using RClone and absolutely love it. (v1.55.1, Windows 10, 64 bit)
Looks like with a few commands I'll be able to do something our IT department got a 1,100$ quote for doing, so pretty good so far...

Anyhow, I noticed when I was copying Google native files (server side) that all the comments on them were lost in the process.
Is there any way for me to keep those? I've seen in an old discussion that when exporting to another file format one can keep the comments, but I'd really prefer avoiding the conversion.


P.S: Doesn't sound like it's relevant, but for the record: I've been copying files from a Team drive to My drive.

Sorry for bringing this back up... Still a bit desperate for help :grimacing:

I'll try to rephrase - does anyone know how to copy Google files (docs, sheets, slides...) while keeping the user comments on them?


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